Haven’t we all heard that when “life gives you lemons make lemonade” who knew this lemon had numerous ayurvedic benefits? Lemon is highly recommended by ayurvedic
Practitioners It is not only used as a medicine but also in the purification process.

Now comes the question which is most asked but remains unanswered
Is Ayurveda good for us?
Well, there is nothing in this world that can be labeled as flawless however, it can not be proved that Ayurveda has any detrimental effect on long term on our health.

Ayurveda has never let us down for years and it seems it will not do so even in the future.
No matter how many new substitutes are introduced yet Ayurveda continues to be on the top.
The only way to deal with a problem is to face it similarly, health problems should be dealt with properly and not avoided as they say “prevention is better than cure “.

Ayurvedic medicines are free from impurities and do not hamper our immune system. I’ve heard some indivisuals say “the wait is never ending” but they fail to understand so is the benefits. the amount of efforts determine the results to deal with the issue it is necessary to wait as per the desired time.

waqt ke sath sabh badal jata hai prr ayurveda abhi bhi vahi hai “. Rightly said ; no matter how much we try to avoid ayurveda we will find a way back to it . When medicinal cures didn’t exist that’s how we dealt with sickness.

For those still wondering if they should switch to ayurvedic practices the answer will me more clear if you take some time to look at our website .