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7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan

Daily Routine

Start Your Day (5 to 6 AM)

Drink water in copper utensil (kept overnight)

– 3 Glasses as mentioned below:
Drink 1 glass of water then walk for 1 to 2 minutes afterward repeat the process until you consume 3 glass of water 
(With this process stomach clears easily)

Yog & Meditation (One hour daily)

Laucki Juice (for 1 week)

Drink , Laucki juice (150 to 200 ml), add 4 teaspoon amla juice,  thumb size haldi and 1 to 2 pinch of kaali mirch .
Nothing to be taken for 1 hour.


Breakfast (8 to 9 AM)

Sprouts (add 1 to 2 pinch of sendha namak & 1 teaspoon safed till) / Multigrain Daliya / Besan Chilla


Fruit salad (papaya, apple, orange & half banana)

Water/Nimbu paani/nariyal paani (after 1 and a half hour)

Day Snack (11 am)

Nariyal Paani / Nimbu Paani / Chakundar Juice or Seasonal Fruit

Lunch (1 to 2 PM)

Plate full of salad (add some roasted peanut) & Daal soup
(Note: Water can be consumed only after 1 and half hour after lunch, drink lukewarm water)
If you feel hungry between 3 to 5 pm drink lot of lukewarm water to curb fake hunger.

Evening Snack (4 PM)

Vegetable Soup or Plate full of tomato as per need or handful of roasted chana or one bowl roasted makhana

Dinner (7 to 8 PM)

Moong Dal Soup & cooked vegetables
(Note: Water can be consumed only after 1 and half hour after dinner, drink lukewarm water)

Day Snack (11 am)

Seasonal Fruits
In case of sleeplessness take 1 teaspoon Badam Rogan in lukewarm water