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Name : Nisha J
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Married
Age : 37
Height : 5 CM
Weight - Past: 67 KG | Current: 70 KG
Occupation : Housewife
Date & Time of Birth : 03/04/1982 | 07:15 am
Place of Birth : Jalandar
Address : 346, chandigarh, UT, IN, 134116
Mobile : 985674569
EMail : nisha.icfai@rediffmail.com

Prakriti: Balanced Vata: 2 | Pitta: 2 | Kapha: 2
Level of Your Mind - Body Impurities: 29 (Moderate)
Indigestion Score: 23 (Moderate)
Parasites: 20 (Moderate)

Question: Response:
Please describe your present health concerns and their duration?piles
How long have you had the chronic conditions about which you are consulting us?2 to 5 years
How has your health problem progressed since it began?Fluctuating
Please explain the overall intensity of your symptoms?Severe
Is your sleep disturbed by the symptoms?Not at all
How often are you having pain or discomfort?Less than once a week
How long does the pain or discomfort last on the average?About 30 minutes
Are you currently under the care of a family physician or any other health professional?Yes
What is their opinion about your health?Incurable
Have you undergone any investigations forUrine Test, Stools Test
Past Prescription Medicinesayurvedic
Present Prescription Medicineshomeopathy
Past Over the counter Medicinespiles
Present Over the counter Medicineshomeopathy
Do you use any of the following?microwave-cooking
How would you rate your usual energy level?High
Describe your bowel movements?Other
Please specify other bowel movementspain and constipation
Bowel nature:Hard
Bowel movement associated with: Pain
Do you have any of the following urinary problems?
Do you delay or suppress any of the following?Bowel movements
Do you practice any type of meditation? Please explain.no
Do you practice any Yoga techniques? Please explain.yes
What is your present state of mind and emotions?Good
Do you often experience any of the following?High stress
Do you get up early?Yes
At what time you wake up?, 07, 00, am
Do you go to bed early?Yes
At what time you sleep?, 08, 00, pm
Do you sleep in the daytime?Yes
How do you generally feel about waking up in the morning?Little tired
How is your sleep?Interrupted
To what direction does your head point during sleep?East
What is your sleeping position?On back
How regular is your daily routine (for example, do you go to bed early, eat your meals on time, exercise regularly etc?)Very regular
What is your body build?Average
Are you overweight?Yes
If so, by how much? (In KG)10
Do you travel a lot?Yes
How often do you exercise? Please specify.no exercise
How long do you exercise?less
Is your exercise: (choose one)Moderate Light
Do you smoke cigarettes or others?No
Which type of weather makes you feel most uncomfortable?Hot
DailyVegetables - Cooked
Do you eat between meals?Yes
Do you eat your meals on time?No
Which is your main meal?Breakfast
Rate your digestionFair
How much water do you drink per day?3-4 glasses
My eating habits include:Talk or converse a lot while eating
Describe your diet:Vegan
Have you experienced any changes in your sense of taste? (Choose one)Bitter taste in mouth
What taste(s) do you like or crave?Sweet
Are there any particular foods that create discomfort when you eat them?Oily or fatty
How are your family relationships?Fair
How is your social life?Good
How is your mental status?Good
How is your career?I cannot stand it.
How purposeful is your life?Somewhat
Rate your spiritual life:Somewhat satisfying
As a child, did you experience any abuse or trauma?Emotional, Sexual, Physical
Do you have any problems?
Which of the following describes your menstruation? (You may choose more than one)Regular
How many days does your menstrual period last?Zero to four days
How is your menstrual flow?Heavy
Associated symptoms (before or during menstruation):Migraine Depression
Do you have any discharge outside of your menstrual period?No
Do you experience pain during intercourse?No
Do you have any sexual difficulties?No
Are you pregnant now?No
Do you take contraceptive pills or other devices?No
Number of previous pregnancies (choose one) 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 or more2
Do you have any history of abortion, miscarriage, etc? No
How many children do you have?2
Children’s ages:5
Do you self-exam breasts regularly?no
Do you experience any problems in breasts?Others
Vata PersonalityI usually perform activities very quickly enthusiastically and lively by nature., I have a thin physique I dont gain weight very easily.
Pitta PersonalityI feel uncomfortable or become easily fatigued in hot weather more than other people. , In my activities I tend to be extremely precise and orderly.
Kapha PersonalityMy body frame is heavy broad evenly proportioned., I can easily skip a meal without any difficulty.
Total Vata | Pitta | KaphaMy Mind-Body Personality is: VATA - {calc:vata_score} PITTA - {calc:pitta_score} KAPHA - {calc:kapha_score}
I generally feel constipated.Moderate
I often get congestion in my head and sinusesModerate
I often get infections.Moderate
I feel my immune system is weakModerate
I feel non-clarity of mindMild
I feel physically exhausted without any reasonMild
I feel mentally exhausted easilyMild
My stress levels areModerate
I have no desire to eat foodSevere
I tend to feel indigestion frequentlyModerate
I tend to get lot of salivation in the mouthModerate
I easily get angry and irritated without any real reasonModerate
I feel that my breathing pattern alteredMild
I frequently get cold throughout the yearMild
I tend to get allergies throughout the yearModerate
I feel heaviness in the bodyMild
I feel something is not well in my mind-bodyModerate
Body ImpuritiesLevel of Your Mind - Body Impurities: Total: {calc:body_impurities} 1 to 17 = Mild | 17 to 34 = Moderate | 35 to 51 = Severe
Abdominal painMild
Body achesModerate
Giddiness / dizzinessModerate
Gripping pain / colicMild
Heaviness in abdomenMild
Improper digestion of foodModerate
Malaise (Body aches)Mild
Slow digestionModerate
Stiffness in back & waistMild
IndigestionTotal Score: {calc:Indigestion} 1 to 13 = Mild 14 to 26 = Moderate 27 to 39 = Severe
Feeling tired most the time (Chronic fatigue)Moderate
Digestive problems (gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea)Mild
Gastrointestinal symptoms and bulky stools with excess fat in fecesMild
Food sensitivities and environmental intoleranceModerate
Allergic-like reactionsMild
Joint and muscle pains and inflammationMild
Anemia or iron deficiencyModerate
Hives, rashes, weeping eczema, cutaneous ulcers, swelling, sores, papular lesions, itchy dermatitisModerate
Restlessness and anxietyMild
Multiple awakenings during the night and teeth grindingModerate
Excessive amounts of bacterial or viral infectionsMild
Difficulty gaining or losing weightModerate