Event Registration Guide

Greetings everyone!
As many of you are aware, HealMe frequently hosts health events to encourage people to live a better lifestyle. In order to increase the quality of our events, we have modified the registration process which is a very simple and straightforward procedure.

Step: 1

Go to https://healme.in/registration and register as a participant on HealMe.

Step: 2

Complete the registration form and submit it by clicking the Register button.

Once you have registered as a participant you can easily participate in our upcoming events in just a few clicks.

Step: 3

Click on upper right corner button on HealMe website 

Step: 4

Click on “Events” link

Step: 5

Scroll down to events or click on “Explore Now” button

Step: 6

Go to our event page, read the event instructions and guidelines, then click the “Register Now” button, and fill in the kilometers you want to cover in this event.

Step: 7

Click on “REGISTER NOW” button

Step: 8

Fill in the distance (in kilometers) that you want to cover in this event.

Activity Data Submission

Step: 1

Go to https://healme.in/login and log in to your account. 

Step: 2

Click the Activity Records tab on your profile and scroll down to the submission form.

Step: 3

Fill up your activity data in the form and click on submit!